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Throughout the drought, Finley’s Tree & Landcare Inc. will do its best to keep our customers apprised of the current watering restrictions, options for reducing your landscape watering requirements, and available rebates for implementing a water wise irrigation system.  


Unfortunately the current restrictions on water usage will likely escalate, and the cost of your water will only increase.  At Finley’s Tree & Landcare Inc. we encourage you to stay in front of these problems by surveying your existing irrigation system and optimizing for future use.



California Drought

• Full Survey of Property

• Count and Location of ALL existing devices

• Irrigation Maps

• Identification of necessary Repairs, Replacements and Additions

• Proposal for Implementation of Water Wise Irrigation System

        • Proposal presented in order of highest to lowest priority

        • Identification and documentation of available rebates

        • Documented estimated annual water/dollar savings

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Irrigation Survey Includes

Current Landscape Watering

Current Landscape Watering Restrictions as of 06/04/15

*In San Pedro, 15 minutes/day if using Low-Flow Nozzle

On 06/04/15 Finley’s Tree & Landcare Inc. hosted a Town Hall Meeting to discuss the current drought conditions, local water restrictions, options for reducing landscape watering requirements and the available rebates offered by Socal Water$mart and the California Water Agency.


Click HERE to review the material presented.

Water Conservation News

Select your City for information and announcements on the current water restrictions.

Local Water Restrictions